From radically different academic and professional backgrounds Naomi was driven to study Permaculture in 2018 after a growing, nagging ‘feeling’ about wanting to be outdoors. She had a bad track record with keeping plants alive and didn’t even know what perennial was.


She honoured that ‘inner voice’ and has just completed her PDC  (Permaculture Design Certificate), now halfway through her Permaculture Teaching Certificate.


Throughout her studies she couldn’t shake off the feeling of

1. Coming Home

2. An overwhelming excitement and passion to share what she was learning with kids (and the adults that would listen to their kids).


This was what she had to say about permaculture during her course with Morag Gamble


 “I come from a completely different background to anything permaculture or garden related: I have studied Philosophy, Health (Former Registered Nurse), Healing (Energy Healer) yet I’m amazed and excited to find the missing link that perhaps created the hunch that led me to studying permaculture in the first place.

The missing link this… new knowledge provides for me is quite existential and very profound – I feel I am becoming part of a movement, way of life and worldview that treats our previously broken connection to our Planet. By fixing this connection we then each play a role in Planetary Healing. But there is more – by restoring this connection and individually playing a role in Planetary healing I believe we will begin see this movement and way of life as crucial and integral in our own individual and collective healing journeys as well as facilitating a sense of meaning and fulfilment as a species. “ - Naomi Cook

NaomiI currently lives over the bridge in the bushy suburbs of Sydney and loves the peace and tranquility of the area after years in Bondi Junction. Her Egyptian husband is a busy Orthodontist in Chatswood and, with her two daughters, lives happily with now two (RIP Charlotte and Thunder Bella) noisy (& sometimes smelly) guinea pigs and two adorable bunnies. When she #shouldbeworking, she's usually singing karaoke on Smule, figure skating, analyzing her incredible compost tumbler or perhaps planting vegetable seeds in her little permaculture patch in her back garden…READ MORE about Naomi here