Welcome to Muddy Earthlings, a fun and informative You Tube series for kids exploring:

Earth Care, Eco issues, Permaculture, Sustainability, Nature and Gardening!

This series is created by Naomi Cook who is a Former Registered Nurse, Energy Healer, Author and

newbie Permaculturist (if this isn’t actually a word, then it should be).

Read more about Naomi and all her other exciting projects here.

Muddy Earthlings aims to inspire children to foster and remember their connection to this beautiful Planet, gently reminding them of their responsibility to care for it whilst EMPOWERING them with ideas on to HOW to do so.

Muddy Earthlings is created for Gaia Game-Changers, a newly formed hub which holds a vision of creating multiple projects that ignite young Game-changers all over the world to:

See the need for change - on the outside...

Become and BE the change - inside-out!

Witness the global knock on effect of YOUR inside-outside change